Grand-papa, I love you a lot. I need you in my life. 
I have not heard from you, yet. I have never received a letter,
telephone call, e-mail or any other communication from you. 
I do not have your address or telephone number.
I want very much to meet you. Hugs and kisses.
Your granddaughter Elizabeth Jeanne Bani

                           To My Grandfather

                                written by Elizabeth Jeanne Bani
Grand-papa, I greatly desire to meet you,
Hug you, kiss you and say, “Grand-papa, I love you.”
I have never had an opportunity to speak with you.
And I have never heard from you.
I do not know how you look.
But you are and you will always be
The most handsome
And the most important man for me.
I cannot recognize people face to face
Because I am vision impaired.
I have been medically diagnosed as legally blind.
But I stay busy and do a lot of things
Like people with normal eyesight.
I am alone, an American citizen
And a computer scientist.
My fathers were born in America.
I love this land.
My family owned businesses here
And abroad on several continents.
Grand-papa, I love you. I would love to live with you.
I want to make you happy and content.
There is so much that I have to tell you.
It will be wonderful to meet you and be together.
My love for you is unfailing.

I was brought up by my angelic saintly mother.
Our home was filled with her radiant love, harmony and peace.
My mother is a wonderful person just like her father
And she looks like him.
Since my early memories, I have prayed with my mother
That we would find my grandfather.
Every New Year’s Eve,
At the stroke of midnight, I make the same wish
That my grandfather and I will meet and be united.
I fill my grandfather’s flute with sparkling juice
And toast in honor of my grandfather as the New Year begins.
My grandfather’s china is constantly set on the table,
Waiting for him to walk in. My grandfather is my hero.
He has inspired many of my poems and songs.
I pray for my grandfather every day
When I wake up to meet the dawn.
People criticize me,
“You love your grandfather more than you love God.
Your grandfather has your heart.”

Author’s comments: Yes, my grandfather has my heart.
The Word of God says that to love God is to love one another 
and especially to show love and kindness to our own families.*  
My love for God is expressed in my love for my grandfather.
*John 13:34, 1 John 2:9, Matthew 15:4-6. Angela Lucienne BaniAngela Lucienne Bani
Founder and President Emeritus

May God bless our business to be a blessing to others